Diastar 2

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Here is my recently acquired Diastar 2.

Note the brushing on the steel portion of the case. Also note that the caseback started as a Diastar 2 but had a /1 engraved at a later date. It is a screw back, not bayonet, and the watch is powered by an AS 1858. I initially believed this to be an ealier DS2 but apparently it is a late version.

The watch is 40mmin diameter and, Mike, it is significantly thinner than a regular Diastar. My Diastar8/1 is 12mm thick and the DS 2/1 is a mere 10mm thick. In light of this perhaps the flat crystal is correct and the 2/1 was intended to be a thin watch.

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RE: Diastar 2

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von mike184 | 149 Beiträge

UFO on the rocks ...
Looks great!
So it seems to be the round counterpart to my DS 8/1, also with AS 1858.
For compare: 40 x 36 mm(except crown), 13 mm thick with faceted sapphire crystal and screw down back.
Not even in top condition, with a repainted dial, but very cheap some years ago.

Mit freundlichem Gruß/With best regards
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