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A property can use a u1293_FirePitTables.html disable iff construct to explicitly disable an assertion. Following is an example that disables an assertion check when reset is active high. What’s the difference between assert and assume directives in SystemVerilog? An assert directive is used to specify the property as an obligation for the design that is to be checked to verify that the property holds. An assume directive is same as assert in simulation. It is used to specify the property as an assumption for the environment. Simulators check that the property holds, while formal tools use the assume directive as a constraint information to generate input stimulus. What is bind construct used in SystemVerilog for? This is useful for any instrumentation code or assertions that are encapsulated in a module, interface, program, or checker to be instantiated in a target module or a module instance without modifying the target module code. How can all assertions be turned off during simulation? If no arguments are specified, all the assertions are disabled. If this system task is called in the middle of simulation, then any active assertions at that given point of time are allowed to complete before disabling. What are the different ways in which a clock can be specified to a property used for assertion? In this case property uses that clock. But now they are slowly gaining popularity in Hardware Engineering domain as well. With Hardware Designs becoming more and more complex, various new design features getting integrated every quarter, multiple folks working on the same database across different sites, version control systems have become indispensable. Hence, this section touches upon basics of various Version Control Systems. There are lot of similarities in various commands used in different version control systems. 7.1 General What is a Version Control System? A Version Control System is a database that stores all the change records of your work. What is the need of a Version Control System? When multiple members of a team work together on a shared project, it is important to keep incremental changes of all individual team members in sync in a common database. This information can be accessed by other people whenever required. What are some examples of Version Control Systems? What is a repository? A repository is a central place where all the data/code is stored and maintained. Once this filename is added, you need to checkin the file so that the actual file contents are updated in the database. After adding a filename, you can put a file into the database using following commands. By default above command will always get you the latest version of the file. Once you have checked out a database or a set of files/directories, there may be other users who could modify the same or different files in the central database, and you would want these changes to reflect in your workspace at regular intervals. For this, you need to use the cvs update command which works in a way similar to checkout command. Tagging is a very useful feature provided by version control systems. You can provide a same tag to all the relevant files from different versions and you can retrieve them anytime by supplying the tag name. To know the status of a file i.e. It is also available for free and is a distributed revision control system. What would git command git init do? What git command is used to create a git repo for your personal changes/development? Trunk is the main body of development, originating from the start of the project till the end. Branch is a copy of code derived from a certain point in the trunk that is used for applying major changes to the code while preserving the integrity of the code in the trunk.

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